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Welcome to Novato, CA

Novato, California

About Novato:

Novato is a city located in northern Marin County, California. As of a 2000 census, the city had a total population of 47,630.

The city is home to the Buck Institute for Age Research, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, DriveSavers data recovery, as well as being the birthplace of... (More Info and Source) Novato Real Estate

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Novato Area News

Canine buddies form special bond

It’s a buddy story born amid homelessness and suffering.

Chachi and Jonie formed a special bond with each other on the streets of Savannah, Georgia, and their devotion has pulled at the heartstrings of the local community.

According to animal control officers, both are strays and were found roaming the streets. At the time, Chachi – a long-hair Chihuahua mix – was suffering with a horrific eye infection.

Jonie, a white lab-pit bull mix, was carrying her stricken friend around gently secured in her mouth. Witnesses have told authorities that Jonie was seen occasionally licking Chachi’s swollen eye, attempting to ease his pain.

"It's not every day we get to see such devotion between two special dogs like this," said Animal Control Officer Christina Sutherin on the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Facebook page. "They are both such sweet animals. But the relationship they share just sets them apart.”

The veterinary staff at the Metro Animal Shelter could not save Chachi's ruptured eye, but they have been able to nurse him back to help. And earlier this week, the pair was reunited during a visit.

On the Facebook page, staff members described the emotional reunion as the two buddies whined, caressed and cuddled.

The dogs have been put up for adoption and animal control officials hope they will be taken in by the same home.

“It would be wonderful if we could find a home that could take both of them,” Sutherin said. “But that is not always possible."

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:45:49 -0700

Medical mystery: Baby who can’t open mouth celebrates first birthday

The Scott family is seeking help: What is wrong with Wyatt?

Wyatt Scott celebrated his first birthday in June. But while guests enjoyed traditional party fare, Wyatt was required to obtain nourishment through a G-tube.

Since his birth, Wyatt has not been able to open his mouth.

According to “Good Morning America,” Wyatt was born in Ottawa, Canada, in June 2013. Since then, doctors and specialists have been baffled about why the otherwise healthy baby cannot open his mouth. Dr. J. P. Vaccani, Wyatt’s doctor, has diagnosed the condition as congenital trismus, but the root cause of the condition remains a mystery.

CT and MRI scans did not reveal any abnormalities, such as extra tissue or a fused joint that often causes congenital trismus. What tests have revealed is that Wyatt suffers from lockjaw, and has impaired motor function which impacts his swallowing ability.

These symptoms have caused anxious moments for the Scott family, with several choking episodes that prompted 911 calls and hospital stays.

After one such choking incident, doctors fitted Wyatt with a G-tube, which allows his liquid food to be delivered through his stomach instead of a tube in his nose.

The Scott family has launched a website, What's wrong with Wyatt? seeking the public’s help in finding out the cause of Wyatt’s puzzling condition. The website contains medical background information on Wyatt, including suggested diagnoses, tests performed and the specialists the baby has seen in the first year of his life.


The website also contains a gallery of Wyatt, who despite his serious medical condition appears to be a happy baby. The family maintains a blog and social media accounts to keep readers updated on Wyatt’s condition.

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:34:09 -0700

Boy helps brother with disabilities complete triathlon

It's being called a story of extraordinary brotherly love — an 8-year-old boy determined to have his younger brother with special needs live a full, normal life helped him complete a youth triathlon.

Noah Aldrich said, "He most of the time doesn't get what I get to do. Like when I play sports, he has to just watch. I just wanted to finish with Lucas." (Via KIVI)

The boys' parents told NBC older brother Noah pulled and pushed 6-year-old Lucas the entire time as he swam, biked and ran in the Y-Not Mini Triathlon in Boise, Idaho, earlier this month.

According to KTVB, Noah pushed Lucas in a jogging stroller for the course's 1-mile run, pulled the stroller behind his bike for the 3-mile ride and made the 200-meter swim with a harness around his chest that was attached to a raft holding his brother.

More often than not, we see stories like this of parents helping their children with special needs compete in races and other events. (Via New York Daily NewsNBC)

But 8-year-old Noah's remarkably mature decision to help his brother came as no surprise to his family.

According to a blog about Lucas on the Aldrich family's CaringBridge page, Lucas was born with a rare genetic condition that's left him unable to walk, talk or eat on his own.

But even though he's only 8, Noah knows not to let that stop him from doing normal things with his brother every day. (Via NBC)

"I like everything about him; he's perfect. We go on walks. We just walk around the neighborhood. Are you having fun, little buddy?" said Noah. (Via KTVB)

Siblings have teamed up like this before.

Back in 2012, 9-year-old Conner Long and his 7-year-old brother, Cayden, were named Sports Illustrated's SportsKids of the year after they started traveling across the country to compete in triathlons together. (Via ABC)

​As for Noah and Lucas, they were able to finish the youth triathlon in just over 54 minutes. And their parents and even the announcer at the race that day said they couldn't be prouder.

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:29:59 -0700

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